Brendon Boyd Urie, aka Bden, was born on April 12 th, 1987 in Nevada. He is the lead vocals in the group Panic! At The Disco. Raised a Mormon in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he had a sheltered life. He listened to Christian Hardcore bands from his area. Brendon attended high school at Palo Verde High School, where he met ex-bassist Brent Wilson, and Brent encouraged him to join the band. Brendon barley graduated High School because he was too focused on the band during his senior year. Against his parents wishes, he pursed the band and went o Maryland to being recording for the album, instead of going to college as they would have liked. His parents were disappointed, and kicked him out of the house for his decision. He rented a one room apartment and helped to pay the rent for their practice space on an income from his job at a smoothie shack. This payed off though. Now Panic! Has a platinum selling album and the royalties are just pouring in.



Brendon Facts:
  • Instruments played: vocals, keyboard, piano, organ, cello, bass, drums, and guitar
  • His parents wanted him to attend law school
  • He has an apperience in Fall Out Boy's  'A Little Less Than Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me' Music Video.
  • He provided backing vocals for Fall Out Boy's '7 Minutes in Heaven'
  • He is a Vegan
  • Brendon is the youngest boy of four boys and has a sister named Kara.
  • He was recently named one of's Hottest Stars Under 25.


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