Fueled By Ramen is Panic!At The Disco's record label. Fueled By Ramen, commonly abbreviated as FBR, was started by John Janick and Vinnie Fiorello in Gainesville, Florida in August of 1996. An imprint of this label, Decaydance, is owned by Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. Fueled By Ramen has grown to over 90 different albums and over 15 employees. The “Ramen” is a reference to the owners taste for this food, and how it was all he could afford when starting this label. In 2004, Fueled By Ramen was moved to Tampa, Florida. On December 22, 2006, Vinnie Fiorello announced his departure from Fueled By Ramen stating that “Basically the same reason I started the label is ultimately the same reason why I left Fueled By Ramen, and that is passion for the music.” Fueled By Ramen has produced some great chart topping artists.


When will my favorite FBR band come to my town?
Keep checking your favorite FBR band's myspace and fueledbyramen.com to see all the latest tour dates. We post the dates on there as soon as we can and also often announce new tours and ticket presales in The Weekly Dish so be sure you subscribe to that.

I saw an awesome FBR band shirt at a show. Where do I get one?
A lot of the latest band merchandise can be found in our webstore. The bands like to have exclusive merchandise on their tours, but usually everything that doesn't get sold on tour ends up in the webstore at some point. And check stores like Hot Topic who often will carry exclusive items for our bands.

Why is Fueled By Ramen the best record label in the world?
We love to hear people say nice things like this. Everyone at the label, the bands and everyone involved with our bands work very hard to make and distribute great music made by great people. We are a big family and everyone supports one another. And the fans are a big part of that. We have been doing this for over 10 years and the fans of the label and bands constantly amaze us with all the love they show. It feels so good to have so much support and we really appreciate it.

How does a band get signed to Fueled By Ramen?
Lots of practice, hard work and dedication....and playing music that doesn't suck usually helps too.

We look for a lot of things when signing bands. The most important things are the music and potential. A strong work ethic and members with great personalities and ideas are also very important as we work really closely with our bands and talk to them daily.

Do all you can for your band before trying to get signed to a label. Record and press an EP, book your own shows, promote your band online, start a street team, trade shows with bands from out of town, etc. Putting all you can into your band will attract labels wishing to do the same.

My band wants to send in a demo. What should it be like?
Quite simply, it should stand out and sound good. We get a lot of demos but try to listen to most of what comes in. But it takes a lot more than a quality demo.

What does Fueled By Ramen do for the bands?
We work closely with the bands, their managers, booking agents and publicists to make sure we're doing as much as possible to get our bands and their music out to as many potential fans as possible. We help with everything from album and tour promotion to merchandising. Our bands are our family and we help them in any way we can.

What is it like to work at Fueled By Ramen?
From John: I try to make the environment relaxed and fun, but it is also very important that we work very hard for our bands. Everyone who works at the label are amazing and they are very passionate about music and the bands. If you love what you do it does not feel like work and it is usually fun.

How can I help promote the bands on Fueled By Ramen?
The easiest and most powerful thing you can do is tell your friends. If you see a band play an amazing show or hear a great song, tell your friend to check it out, too. You can also join our street team and help promote with stickers, posters, flyers and samplers or putting up banners on your myspace pages. There is so much you can do and signing up Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. is just the beginning!

How can I get involved in the music business?
There's plenty of ways to get started - especially in your local music scene. Put on shows, get a college radio show, promote your favorite bands and meet as many people as possible. Find a skill that you are good at and a find a way to apply it to the music industry. Are you a good artist? Design merchandise for your favorite band or local bands. Love sitting on the Internet? Post on band message boards. There is so much you can do to get involved, it's just a matter of making the effort.

From John: Anybody can get involved if they have the right attitude, work ethic and passion. You can say this about anything, but it is true. Almost everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up. I started the label because I did not know how to play any instruments, but I loved music and wanted to be involved. If you are passionate do whatever you can do to be involved. Help bands you love, intern (labels, management, booking agents, etc.), get involved in street teams, etc.

How do I get an internship at Fueled By Ramen?
Email your resume to internships@fueledbyramen.net and let us know a little about yourself, when you'd be available to start and what you'd be interested in doing here. Before you do that you should know that internships are always unpaid and you will be responsible for finding a place to live during your internship. We have offices in Tampa, Florida as well as New York City and are always looking for bright individuals who are motivated to work in the music industry.

How do I get in touch with a band for publicity purposes?
Check the bands' Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. to get in touch with their publicists. Submit your request for photo passes, show reviews and interviews to them.

I'm a graphic designer... how do I get to design some shirts for FBR bands?
First create some samples for us to review and send us links to them to us at designs@fueledbyramen.net. If you've done work for other artists, let us know that, too. If we check out your stuff and we like it, we'll definitely be in touch.



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