Jonathan Jacob Walker was born on September 17 th, 1985, and he is from Chicago, Illinois. Jon has worked various jobs, including a Starbucks shift manager, a camera man for TAI TV and a co worker on one of Panic!'s Tours. Jon joined the band after ex-bassist Brent left. Jon was the first choice as a replacement, announced on March 17 th, 2006, and his membership was made official on July 3 rd, 2006. Since then, Jon has been accepted by the fans, and is a now as much as a member as its founders. Jon is also loved by the fans because he updates their journal the most and keeps the fans informed.
- Was announced the new bassist of Panic! at the Disco on May 17, 2006 when Brent left the band.
- Owns a cat named Dylan and Clover.
- Before becoming an official member of Panic! at the Disco, he was a paid crew worker on their tour.
- Only member of Panic! at the Disco not originally from Nevada.
- Loves watching the O.C.
- Enjoys playing 'Final Fantasy XII'.
- Stated in an interview that his insecurity is having bad breath.
- Has two brothers.


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