This project was a very good way to showcase creativity and understanding of technology. In this project, we had to have the following features:

  • A Homepage which includes an Introduction, at least two additional pages, a reflection page, and a Works Cited page
  • A title on top of the web browser for each of the pages
  • A global navigation bar
  • At least 4 external Links
  • At least 4 Objects

The website needed to display creativity and understanding of how the program Macromedia Dreamweaver works, which we used to create our websites. Through this project, I learned how to create a website using Dreamweaver. I also learned how a website should look, using white space, backgrounds, and tables. One other thing was how to properly create a navigation bar. To learn this content, I read and analyzed the information I collected. I did not use note forms, but I collected information in an orderly manner. The most challenging aspect of this was to limit myself. I wanted to do many different things, but I had to cut down due to the time allotted. The least challenging aspect was to find content for the site. The completion of this project helped me to reach one main aspect of the mission statement. I definitely improved my technology skills. I utilized the tools the technology offered, and produced a very effective website. I improved my skills as an individual and a student by advancing my technology skills.

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