Ryan Ross Facts:
- Nickname: Ryro
- Was childhood friends with Brent Wilson and Spencer Smith.
- Dropped out of the University of Las Vegas after a single semester to focus on P!ATD. His parents did not approve of this decision.
- Ryan wrote the song 'Camisado' which was inspired by his father's dependency on alcohol.
- Enjoys listening to Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows, Blink 182, The Beatles, Danny Elfman, Tom Waits, Jon Brion, Brian Wilson, Asure Ray, Ben Folds Five, Cat Power, Frank Sinatra, Bjork, Joanna Newscom and Kaisers Orchestra.
- States that Craig Armstrongs 'Your Song' is his guilty please.
- Owns a C55 Mercedes.

Ryan Ross Quotes:
" There’s plenty of stuff we do in the show to get a reaction. Like, fans are always saying that me and Brendon are dating. It’s funny to me how people freak out about stuff like that. "
" It's kind of disappointing and disgusting in a way, how some people are focusing on how we look. I think a lot of those things we think are special — the way we dress, the things we put into our stage show — some fans don't even realize that because they're just drooling over (frontman) Brendon (Urie). I feel like it taints the music."

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George Ryan Ross III was born on August 30th, 1986 in Las Vegas, Nevada. When he was 12, he asked for a guitar and his close friend Spencer Smith got a drum set. They began playing together in a band they called “Pet Salamander”. He went to Bishop Gorman High School, graduated, and attended the University of Nevada for only one semester, but dropped our to pursue the band. Ryan's father did not respect his decisions, and they did not have a close bond. Ryan was the original lead vocals for Panic! At The Disco, but was switched to lead guitar after they discovered Brendon's singing talent. Ryan was the main reason they got signed, for he sent the demos to Pete Wentz. Ryan writes creative lyrics for the band, using words you'd never think to appear in a song.

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