Spencer James Smith V was born on September 2nd, 1987. He grew up in Summerlin, Nevada along with fellow band mate Ryan Ross. They began playing together at a young age, with Spencer on the drums and Ryan on the guitar, doing covers of Blink 182 songs under the name “Pet Salamander.” Spencer is an original member of the band, and he left school to pursue the band, but took his needed course on the Internet.

"The idea of distinguishing yourself from other bands is obviously something that any band would want to do, but I think that really we got that idea from just having played our songs a million times each and what can we do to make this a little more exciting."

- Nickname= Spence
- Was childhood friends with Brent Wilson and Ryan Ross.
- He left high school early to focus on P!ATD, but finished his needed course on the internet.
- Jon stated in a journal entry that Spencer has the best voice in the band.
- Owns a Nissan 350z two-seater sports car.

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