Christian Dior Couture Collection

This collection created by the house of Christian Dior shouted romance and delicacy, rather than their usual theatric designs. The underlying mood was of respectful homage to two men who devoted their lives to fashion and died too young: Christian Dior himself and Galliano's chief designer, Steven Robinson, who tragically passed away in April while working toward this collection (Sarah Mower). The collection that was produced was a very delightful suprise.

Dior brought back the 1947 wasp-waisted, full-skirted silhouette; that in the past had revolutionized the way women dressed after World War II. " The opening sequence, led by Gisele Bündchen in a black "Bar" suit and Raquel Zimmermann in an ivory circle-skirted dress, caught the black-and-white drama of Irving Penn's photography and the dashed-off pen-and-ink drawings of Eric, Gruau, Bouche, Bérard, and Cocteau. Color came in gradually, first through a hand-tinted 3-D rose whorled center-front on a white bustier dress, then developing into extravagantly realized palettes taken from portraits of women by the Impressionists, Dutch masters, Pre-Raphaelites, and the greats of the Spanish school" (Sarah Mower). The colors are what made this collection so special, ranging from light muaves to deeper pastels.

Overall, this couture line was even better than expected and showed a new light on what this house can come up with. They are now not only known as household name fashion designers, but also artists.

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