30 Seconds to Mars’ self-titled 2002 debut made the media view the band as a fresh, new force, revealing a multi-faced outfit that thrived on creative exploration and escape. Their follow up CD, “A Beautiful Lie”, produced by Bob Ezrin, Jared decided to take a more personal approach to the album. Jared says about this new album, "With 'A Beautiful Lie,' it was time to take a more personal and less cerebral approach. Although this record is still full of conceptual elements and thematic ideas it is ultimately much more wrapped around the heart than the head. It's about brutal honesty, growth, change. It's an incredibly intimate look into a life that is in the crossroads. A raw emotional journey. A story of life, love, death, pain, joy, and passion. Of what it is to be human."Jared said that this time around they wanted to figure out not how much they could do but how little, to get the truth of it all: "We wanted to focus on the insides of the song," Jared says. "To cut away anything extraneous. To get to the truth of it all. For us, it wasn't about how much we could do but about how little. That was the beginning of a lot of challenges. I worked hard to create something very special and different the first time around, sonically and conceptually. And that first CD will always be that, no matter what. But, in order to move forward you have to leave some things behind. That was not always the easiest thing to do. In some ways, it was the birth of something new and the death of something old." All of their songs have an array of electric keyboards, violins, abrasive guitars and infectious vocals. Since all of the members of the band were experiencing both personally and artistically changes and challenges, the theme of “A Beautiful Lie” is change. On the first CD, Jared recorded all of the guitar, bass and synth parts as well as the vocals, with Shannon playing the drums. Even though they recorded all of the instruments, they added guitar player, Tomo Milicevic and Matt Wachter on bass, who recently left the band and was replaced by Tim. To sum up the whole album Jared said this; "Change was an important theme for all of us this time around and a cycle that everyone goes through many times in their lives. I wanted each song to be like a chapter in a book. Together, they add up to make the story, but individually, every chapter has to have its own color, its own expression, its own personality. We're striving to do something different, to look forward rather than back, to be free from the shadows of our inspiration, and to continue, with our voice to make our mark."



2007 - MTV Italy - TRL Awards - Best New Artist (30 STM)- WON
2007 - Australia Video Music Award - Video Of The Year (The Kill) (30 STM)- WON
2007 - Australia Video Music Award - Best Rock Video (The Kill) (30 STM)- WON
2006 - Hollywood Life's Breakthrough of the Year Awards - Crossover Artist - WON
2006 - MtvU Woodie Awards - Best Video Live Action (The Kill) (30 STM) - WON
2006 - Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards - Prince Of The Darkness - WON
2006 - Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards - Video Inspired by a Film Award (The Kill) (30STM) - WON
2006 - MTV's Video Music Awards - MTV2 Award (30STM) - WON
2006 - MTV's Video Music Awards - Best Rock (The Kill) - Nominated


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