This project taught me alot about websites and computers. I felt that this hands on experience helped me understand how to create an appleaing website better than the book did. For this website I learned how to, make background on websites, how to link pictures, research and collect extra information, and how to open pictures in a seperate browser window. For the website, i tried to make it very appealing to the eye, so i changed the background for the different sopts on the site so that people knew they entered a new section of the website.The easiest thing to do while doing this website was getting the information and making each section of the website colorful and appealing. The hardest thing for me was to do all of the linking. I had to link numerous pictures to different browser windows which took alot of time and hard work. All in all this website has helped me alot to understand how to create websites and how the websites i love to us were created.