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Jean "Django" Reinhardt

(1910 - 1953)


Django Reinhardt is one of the most famous gypsy jazz guitarist that astounded many generations of guitar players and those who love jazz. Born in a tribe of gypsys, Django experienced both medieval life with the nomadic gypsys and the busy life in Paris, which influenenced his music along with jazz musicians including Loius Armstrong and Duke Ellington. He began his musical career at the age of thriteen. On November 2nd, 1928, he severely burned his left hand, and his right side from knee to waist, his two fingers of his left hand permanently curled. with his remaining two fingers, Django developed a new fingering system, astonishing the people. His musical talent was still known to people even during the chaotic times of WWII. He died on 1953 due to brain hemorrhage.

Associated Acts:

  • Stephane Grappelli

Famous Songs/Album:

  • Paris 1945 (album) - his earliest album
  • Jazz in Paris - Nuages (album) - one of his famous albums
  • Nuages

Notable Instruments:

  • gypsy guitar

Great Links: