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Paco de Lucia


Spanish composer and guitarist Paco de Lucia is the leading guitar player of the Modern Flamenco style guitar. All over the world he is praised as a skilled flamenco guitarist. He often combines his fast and rhythmic flamenco music with jazz, funk, classical, and world music. He occasionally plays with guitarists John Mclaughlin and Al Di Meola. Paco de Lucia is considered a master of rasguerados and picados, and he can play extremely fast on the classical guitar. In 2004 he was awarded the Prince of Asturia Awards in Arts.

Associated Acts:

  • The Guitar Trio (with Al Di Meola and John Mclaughlin)
  • The Guitar Trio (the guitar trio before Al Di Meola came in for guitarist Larry Coryell)
  • Paco de Lucia Sextet
  • Camaron de la Isla
  • Ricardo Modrego

Famous Songs/Album:

  • The Guitar Trio (album)
  • Mediterranean Sundance - with Al Di Meola. There is also a version where John Mclaughlin plays with them

Notable Instruments:

  • Flamenco guitar

Great Links:

  • Paco de Lucia Official Website
  • Paco de Lucia (Wikipedia)
  • rasguerados (Wikipedia) - flamenco and classical guitar techinique where you can play fast and rhythmical strumming patterns
  • picados (Wikipedia) - flamenco guitar techinique where the player changes his index and middle fingers back and forth to play scales fast
  • Flamenco guitar (Wikipedia)