This project dealt with utilizing Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash to make an effective website based on a certain topic. In my case, I did a project on guitarists that are highly praised, mostly by fans and guitar magazines. I drew my focus on some of the acheivements that each guitarist done in their career so far, such as the techniques that they developed, mastered, or invented, famous songs they made that remains as classics in the present day, and their unique playing styles. Along with information about each guitarist, I made links to their homepage and the source where I got the information, mostly from Wikipedia. Instruments they used, other artists that they played along with in the past are also listed in their pages. Other than creating a page for each guitarist, I also made links to sites that can help users who love these guitarists and/or want to play some of their songs.

To learn how to make a website, I first had to clearly understand how to use Macromedia to do that. I had to go through several classes making simple websites, then increasing the difficulty little by little. The process helped me to make a pretty sophisticated website that I have here now. However, some things were challenging, including when I had to decide the format of the website; how should the website be displayed. Making the actual website was less difficult, thanks to the process that I went through in the beginning. The most easiest part was to make the links to each page.

This project helped me to meet several learning expectations and standards. 1.1 in the Academic Learning Expectations is one of them, where I had to communicate effectively using oral, written, and technological formats. This project dealt with both written format (the content on the website) and technological format(Macromedia). I also met 1.2 in the learning expectations, where I had to meet proficiency in content and applied learning standards as outlined in the Rhode Island High School Diploma System.

The completion of this task has given me opportunities for occupations that deal with the Internet and web designing. Further research of this field can extend my future plans. More than that, this project was really interesting and fun, even though at first I thought that this project would not be good at all. Not only did I learn about making websites, I learned that challenging myself into new things is important, because it leads to many discoveries.