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The NHL consists of 30 teams. The 30 teams are split up into two confrences, the East and the West. Each Conference has three divisions. Each division has five teams.

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Carolina Hurricanes
Ottowa Senators
New York Islanders
Detroit Red Wings
Montreal Candadiens
New York Rangers
Washington Capitals
Minnesota Wild
Dallas Stars
New Jersey Devils
LA Kings
Vanccover Canuks
Tampa Bay Lightning
Calgary Flames
St. Louis Blues
Philidelphia Flyers
Anahiem Ducks
Boston Bruins
Bufalo Sabers
Pheonix Cyotes
Edminton Oilers
Columbus Blue Jackets
Toronto Maple Leafs
Pittsburg Penguins
San Jose Sharks
Colorado Avalanche
Atlanta Thrahers
Florida Panthers
Chicago Blackhawks
Nashville Predators