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Corey Fossa

Web Design 6-B

15 January, 2008

In this assignment, we first made a website using the Dreamweaver software. After the completion o f the website, we then made a flash design using the Flash software. After the completion of the flash, we then exported it into the website that we created. After the final completion of the website and flash we then wrote a reflection and saved the final website to Mr. Herz’s flash drive.

For my website I chose to do it based around hockey. My website was basically a database for the NHL and AHL. It included stats, teams, affiliates, history, and my flash. My flash was a hockey player skating down the ice, and shooting the puck into the net for a goal.

The easiest part of the project was probably making the internal links for the website because all you had to do was select text and then drag the link selector over the file that we wanted to be linked. That was very easy because it was straight forward and simple.

The hardest part of the project was making the flash design. It was very time consuming and detailed. The upside to the flash was that you could really be creative so you didn’t have to follow perfect rules all the time because you got to draw what you want and make them whatever size, shape, or color that you want.

I think this has helped me excel as a student because l now know how to create a website. I also know how many of the ads and cartoons you see on TV are made and that is a good knowledge because it helps you to appreciate the time and precision it takes to make these cartoons and detailed ads.