Web Design Website Reflection

For our project in wed design, we had to create a website about a subject of our choice. Creating a website was a very interesting project for me because it was something I had never done before. Before taking this class I thought I knew a considerable amount about computers, but I learned about a completely different area of how to use a computer. In creating my website, I learned how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Macromedia Flash. To learn the content there was a number of things that I needed to do. Paying attention in class and following along with the practice lessons was a very large part of my learning process because without being shown how to do something, it would have been very difficult to figure out. I also needed to do the practice work in the book for Macromedia. The most challenging aspect of doing this project was figuring out all of the little things that were wrong with the website. I also had trouble using the Flash program at first, but after practicing with it, I understood it better. The least challenging aspect of this task was putting together the individual pages on Macromedia. It was a little difficult to figure out all of the different pages I needed to make in order for the website to come together correctly, but it was much easier to actually make the pages. The completion of this task has helped me to meet academic learning expectation 1.1. Doing this website has helped me to “communicate effectively in a technological format.” The completion of this task has helped me to develop as an individual because I now have a broader knowledge of different aspects of technology. I also have grown as a student because I used computers at school very often, and I now know more about how to use them.