you need to be comfortable with your voice. it is a gift that you have so why not show it to the world?

warming up your voice.

you need to do little exercises as much as possible before you get ready to sing. This is very important because sometimes if you don't exercise your voice before you sing you could damage something in your vocal chords.Exercising your voice is like stretching your muscles before a big game, you need to stratch your muslces so they don't get pulled and hurt. by exercising your voice just go up and down the scale...

try these notes with different exercises on different vowels and you will be golden for a performance. this would be nessacary for about 30 minutes but its okay a few times if you don't have enough time as long as you get them in.

How Are people going to be touched by your music if they can't understand your words?

articulate your words.

articulating your words is very important when singing to an audience. but you should do it all the time, just so you can practice doing it. for those of you out there who are unsure of what articulate a nutshell articulate is annunciating or over annunciating your words. people will not be able to tell the difference if you emphasis your words a little bit. it can't hurt. it can only make you better.

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