Doing this page was a good experience for me because it helped me be more familiar with making a website, and tell about something that i love. i love music. and im glad i could pick the topic and tell about the big impact it has on me, and maybe spread it to other people. i thought that this was a fun project and it should be used in future web design classes. I think this was a good way to teach me the navagation bars and figure out macromedia on my own. of course i had a few questions as im sure everyone else did, but it was all a learning experience. Music is something that people will never be able to take away from me, or anyone else. you hear music anywhere you go, and it can have an effect on the mood that you are in. it also sometimes helps me get what i need to say out better than i could speak it, and i just wanted to let everyone else know that it could help them too someday.♥

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