Get Behind Me Satan


This album

This album is one of the band's finest works. It was recorded at Jack White's personal studio, Third Man Studio. Thus, no professional recording equipment was used in the making of this album. The band designed it to be 100% real and original, with nothing fake added in. The album reached extreme populatiry in the UK, reaching #3 on the charts.
  1. Blue Orchid
  2. The Nurse
  3. My Doorbell
  4. Forever for Her (Is Over for Me)
  5. Little Ghost
  6. The Denial Twist
  7. White Moon
  8. Instinct Blues
  9. Passive Manipulation
  10. Take, Take, Take
  11. As Ugly as I Seem
  12. Red Rain
  13. I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Loneyly Yet)
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