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         In this common task we created a website on a topic that interested us. I chose the topic of turtles and the content of my website was information about different pet turtles and sea turtles. We also had to create a flash to include on our website. Before we began making our own website we read the Dreamweaver book and created the practice websites. This helped us get familiar with the program Dreamweaver. This process was helpful because when we made our own website, it was easy. The most challenging aspect of this task was creating the flash. The flash program was completely new, so we had to learn from scratch how to develop a flash. The least challenging aspect of this task was doing the research on turtles and writing the content of the website. The internet was full of information on turtles and finding it was simple. This task helped me achieve number 1.1 on the academic learning expectations. Creating a website is communicating in a technological format. This helped me as a student and an individual because it taught me to use creativity and imagination in my projects. My website had to be creative and fun to be a realistic and functional website. I also learned all the skills needed to create a cool website. If I were ever to get a job that involved making a website, I would now be able to make a very good one.


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