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Appearance: The main charasteristic of the box turtle is their domed shell that is hinged at the bottom to allow the turtle to close its shell tightly to escape predators. The box turtle's average lifespan is twenty years, but they can live as long as 40 or 50 years.

Diet: In the wild: snails, insects, berries, fungi, slugs, worms, roots, flowers, fish, frogs, salamanders, rodents, snakes, birds and eggs.
In captivity: A variety of vegetables, greens and fruits.For protein use mealworms or earthworms.

Environment: Tank must be about 36" by 12". Include a land area made of a good quality plain sterile potting soilmixed with finely shredded orchid bark. Make it about 2-3 inches thick. Put in a shelter or hide box. Create a water area with a dish or pan that the turtle can easily climb in and out of. The tank needs 2 light sources: a heating pad under the tank, and an incandescent spot light on one side of the tank.

Interesting facts: When a box turtle snaps its jaw, it can produce sounds as loud as 75 dB.

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