The 100 meter dash is the shortest race of all track events, and the winner is often considered the fastest man or woman in the world. The 100 meter dash attracts much attention in the olympics, especially this year when Usain Bolt broke both the 100 and 200 meter dash. But, many people question whether or not he was drug-free because many recent athletes have been stripped of their medals after testing positive for steroids, or other performance enhancing drugs. In the 100 meters, the start is the most important part of the race. Many athletes try to play mind games with others by getting into the starting blocks last. The blocks are what you prop your feet up against to get as much power as you can when the gun goes off. The blocks are askew which means one of your feet is forwards and the other is back. What block is forward depends on which way is most comfortable for you, or what is your dominant foot. The girl in the picture on the right has a stronger push off her left foot, therefore she has her right foot forwards. There are three commands after you get into your blocks: "Runners on your mark....Get set..." and then a gunshot. Most people react within one to two hundredths of a second, but if you jump before the gun, it is a false start. In the olympics and professional running, you are allowed two false starts; the first is given to the entire field, and the second you are disqualified from the race. In high school and college, the rule is one false start and you are immediately disqualified. Wind also has an effect on how fast you run. If there is a head wind, you must push yourself harder to win, and you use much more energy then you would if you had a back wind, which would push you along.