The 200 meter dash requires much skill and endurance to run. It is still considered a sprint race, so the last thing you would want to do is conserve any energy for the very end. The start is the exact same as the 100 meters, except you are spaced out along the curve so that everybody will run the same distance. It takes much skill to be able to run the 200 meter dash because it forces you to run your hardest for 20-26 seconds. The faster you run, the lower your time will be, and the faster that your time is means that you might win the race. To be competitive in high school and college, you must run somewhere between 20-24 seconds. Also, you want to work out and make sure you have the endurance to sprint for that amount of time. People assume that the 200 is just as easy as the 100, but it is really one of the hardest events in track. Just like in the 100 meter dash, people have been caught using steroids and other performance enhancing drugs which have led some to be skeptical about the world record times. There is nothing to be skeptical about because of all of the drug testing the olympic committee does in between each race.