Field events are just as important, if not more, then track events, according to some people. There are three main events that many people have heard of and two others that people may not have heard so much about. They are the high jump, the long jump, the javelin, the shot put, and the discus. The high jump consists of a long bar and a "pit" (a large foam mat). The object of the high jump is to jump over the bar and score points for your team. As you continue to jump, the bar is raised two inches and you continue to attempt to clear the bar. If you hit the bar three times at the same height, then you are disqualified and your highest jump before your misses is counted. The long jump is a 35 foot runway with a sand pit at the end where you jump into and try to get the greatest distance off your jump. You must jump before a certain point, and if you don't, your jump will not count and you will have to do it again. You are given three tries, just like the high jump, and your longest jump is counted.