For my common task, I had to make a website that consisted of more than one webpage and had a flash animation that I created on my own. To create this, I first had to learn what Dreamweaver was and how to use it when creating a webpage. After I learned how to do that, I had to learn how to make a flash animation using flash player. While we were learning flash, we had to find an animation online and attempt to copy it on our own. While we were doing that, we were allowed to work on our website. The most difficult part of the common task was creating a flash animation while attempting to finish my web pages. Since I had multiple things I had to complete, I had to manage my time to finish everything. The easiest part of the task was creating the web pages and putting information about each topic into the webpage. Since I knew so much about my topic it was simple to talk about each subject and I was able to complete all of my pages in a short amount of time. The completion of this task helped me meet standards 1.1, 1.2, and 2.1. I met 1.1 because I had to communicate using a computer to create a website and a flash animation. I also achieved standard 1.2 by passing this common task. Finally, I met standard 2.1 by working by myself on this task. This task helped me as a student because I learned how to create a website and a flash animation on my own.