For this task we had to create a website based on the topic of our choice and have different pages leading off of the home page. A flash picture was also needed some place in the website. We had to use a series of programs dealing with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash. In my case, I made a web page about the city of Boston and the historic sites, colleges, subway routes and attractions. To acquire this information, I had a great deal of practices with the experience of using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash. I made practice web pages and researched information with the codes dealt for the process when Dreamweaver was unavailable. Once I learned all needed information about the Dreamweaver web page making, I started making these pictures used in Macromedia Flash. I would be able to make a planet rotating around the sun and have a mailbox open and close with mail. These programs would all tie into the making of a web page. The most challenging part of this task would have to be finding all of the pictures, and being creative to design a well projectable web page. The least challenging aspect of this task was inserting the pictures and lining them up with the text. This was quite simple and easy to do. I had to use all of this information acquiring knowledge through the computer doing research and practice pages (standard 1.1). I also had to meet proficiency passing this web page (standard 1.2). As a student, I have become much better in the understandings of creating web pages. In future use I would be able to design web pages for future companies.