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The Assignment for this project was to create a web page about anything that you like or wanted to do. I learned many things from this assignment. The Most important thing that i learned was how to create a web page and make it work. Also i learned how to create a flash to add to my web page. The process i used was to pay good attention so i could understand the content and what to do. Also i took this assignment step by step so i wouldn't rush to finish it. This processed helped me learn how to take my time and not rush to finish. The most challenging part of this assignment was making the flash because i am very new to the whole flash system plus i am not good on computers. the least challenging part of this project was creating the web pages i knew how to do those so it was very easy. I achieve slandered 1.1 because i communicated with my class mates on how to do things that i don't know how to do. I meet slandered 1.4 because i figured out how to do things that I really didn't know how to do. i meet slandered 2.1 because i sat in class and finished what was required. I meet slandered 2.2 because i used the equipment in the lab properly without miss using it. i meet slandered 5.1 because i used the internet to find information that i needed.