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Surfboard Construction Materials and Terminology Guide


- Easier for shapers to work with and customize
- Majority of shapers are currently more familiar with traditional foam/fiberglass characteristics
- Offers best overall feel and performs well in a variety of conditions both glassy, windy/choppy, and onshore surf


- Delamination: Foam in older boards eventually absorb water turning them an unattractive yellow color and eventually causing death (delamination)

- Dings & Dents: Ding quite easily, pressure dents are to be expected which means you’ll really need to care for your board and keep it from hitting other objects including doors and other surfboards.

- Save Planet Earth: The process of foam manufacturing releases many harmful chemicals into the surround environment (one of the reported reasons why Clark foam shutdown). On the flip side, working with fiberglass is not as harmful as working with epoxy resins.


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