Reflective Page!!!    
Over all I have to admit that i did in fact enjoy this assignment, aside from all of the complications I came across =]. There was deffinatly more than just one difficut part of the task for me. Some of the most challenging parts of this task included figureing out how to link all of the sites to the images I had chosen, getting all of the separate pages of my site to link back to one another, organizing and gathering information into separate pages, sifting through the information and turning it into my own, and last but not least, getting my flash to save as a movie so that I could transfur it to my homepage. The least challenging part about this task for me was probably creating my flash. And not only was it easy to create, but it was fun for me, allowing me to use my creative side to create a flash of what ever i chose. I learned a great amount of information on how to use different programs and software includeing Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 and FLASH. The information that me and my class learned through out the semester made it possible for me to be able to create a basic site of my choice.Thank you Mr. Herz for putting up with me this semester :)    


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