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Super Dupper Fun Facts about Miley!!!

~Miley Cyrus is an animal lover.  She has many pets that include, horses, dogs, cats, fish, and chickens.  I am sure most of them live on her family’s ranch in Tennessee.

~ In 2007 Miley Cyrus pledged to give the "City of Hope Foundatioin"$1 for every “Hannah Montana” concert ticket she sold.  Miley stated, “the cool thing about being a part of the City of Hope is that they are a cancer research center.  They’re not only helping kids that are there, but also finding out how they can heal them by figuring out what exactly is going on, which is amazing.”  Miley also donated $1 million to the charity "Youth Service America" in 2008.
~ Miley Cyrus and her costars, who are also her friends, like to share talents.  She taught Hannah Montana costar Emily Osment how to play the uitar and Emily taught her how to knit.
~ Miley Cyrus suffers from hypoglicemea, a condition that results in a lower than normal amount of sugar in the blood.  Miley keeps her hypoglycemia under control with her diet.

~Miley loves the sound of the rain!

~Miley is a sagitarrious!

~ Her Favorite:

Color- Pink
Animal- Dog
Shoes- Schetcher
Cloths- Any designer
Drink- Strawberry smoothie

Favorite Sport: Cheerleading
Favorite Style of Music: Pop Rock
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Hobby: Shopping
Favorite Time of Year: Summer
Favorite Time of Day: 1:00 AM
Favorite Topic of Conversation: Music and boys