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These are the stars of the show!


Godzilla is an Albino Blazing-Blizard-Leopard Gecko.She has been with us for atleast 4 years now.she is a desert gecko, her spicies are found in Pakistan, northern India, Afghanistan, and parts of Iran. Her closest relitives are: the Iraqi Eyelid Gecko,the East Indian Leopard Gecko,and the Common Lepard Gecko. She is a mix of a Blazing gecko, a Blizard gecko, and a Lepard gecko.




Moe and Curley

Moe and Curley are Green Anoles.Green Anoles are small lizards that can change color depending on their mood. They can range any color from a bright green to a deep brown. We have had them about a year. We adopted them from a South Kingstown student, who could noJanuary 23, 2009y also came to us at the same time. i dont have many good pictures of them because they are very quick, thats why if you ever get an Anole you should try not to handle them as much as other lizards.Anoles are commonly mistaken for geckos or sometimes even chamelions, the truth is they are more related to an iquana. their spicies, Polychrotidae, are found primarily in the united states; they are found in florida and cuba.



pee-per is a aulstrailian whites treefrog. he has been with us for about a year. he is very friendly and is a great first pet for many young children. he is closly related to many other tree frogs arround the world. he needs lots of water and eats bugs. he loves to jump on your head because he likes to be the tallest one in the room!



Gonzoalz is a true leopord gecko. He is lives with Godzilla. He is a desert gecko, his spicies are found in Pakistan, Northern India, Afghanistan, and parts of Iran. His closest relitives are: the Iraqi Eyelid Gecko,the East Indian Leopard Gecko, the Blazing Gecko and the Blizzard Gecko.We have had him since he was a baby.


Sqiggles is a Bearded Dragon. he is just a baby, so we've olny had him for a couple months (SINCE OCT) . He is about 6 inches now (with his tail) but he will grow to be 1 1/2-2 feet! he is very lovable, and has never bit any one before. he is also very quick and always escaping to some where. He is part sandfire, withch is another kind of dragon; so that means that he has a little orange on his ears. A real sand fire dragon looks like this ->




Snapple and Naddy


These tortoises are Box Tortoises. they are small (about 4-5 inches) and thats as big as they will get. They also are young but we are unshure about their age. They love to eat letuce, carrots and apple juice. they are a great friend for little children to have as a pet.



Tulip is the oldest turtle she is also the biggest. we got her from pet co. about 5 or 6 years ago. she is also a red eared slider.



Tuck and Tea-cup

Tuck and Tea-cup are Red-Eared Sliders. We have had them for about 3 or 4 years. They both were droped off by a stranger to my mom at her work. At the time she was working in the south county hospital. They were left in triage for her. No one knows who they came from or why they were there, but they now share a home with Buttons, Yellow, and Tulip.

Fig Newton

Fig has ben with us for about two years or more. We rescued him from a person in providence. He is a Chinese Fire Belly Newt. He is a small newt that has orange spots on his stomach.



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