In this task, we were told to make a website on any topic that we wanted to and tell a little bit about it. I chose cheerleading and I talked about stunts, tumbling, and quotes. We also had to make a flash that had relation to our topic based on what we learned so far about conducting a flash. By doing this, I learned more about making websites, for instance making my background anything I wanted it to be, linking all of the pages together, etc. I learned this by cooperating in class assignments and receiving help from my teacher. The most challenging aspect was to make the flash. I had to practice over and over again to finally get it the way I wanted to it to be. I found this difficult because I had to make layers that went with each part and how they moved with each other. The least challenging aspect was finding pictures off the internet and citing them. This was the easiest task because all I had to do was find pictures off of different websites, and then cite them from where they came from. Another easy task was setting my table the right way, and deleting/inserting columns or rows. This was also easy because I learned this in class and used what I had known in creating my website. I became proficient by using various standards, such as (1.1), (1.2), (1.4), (2.1), (2.2), and (5.1). I met all of these standards because I used technology for this task, I used Dreamweaver without asking any help, I worked independently most of the time, I created the right criteria and had all of the requirements, I respected my peers and my teacher, and I used more than three sources while I researched for pictures and information. I believe that this made me more of a successful student because I now have more knowledge about Dreamweaver, although I do not think it made me more of a successful individual.

Thursday, January 22, 2009 12:17 PM