Types of Vampires

here is a list of all the types of vampires:

physic vampires:

They derive and flourish from "feeding" from "life energy. This type of vampirism falls in a category of meta-physics and the occult than mainstream science. they have the ability to draw energy from there victims and they do not have a craving for blood. In some cases they can choose which energies to take. They have trouble keeping friends. There is no cure but they can learn to control there feeding habits.

Spirit-Influenced Vampire:

Demonology and either erred or made a pact he later regretted. Certain "spirits" or "demons" can give people some
characteristics of different types of vampires in exchange for partial possession. the newly created vampire has enhanced abilities
and, in exchange, allows the spirit to take over now and again.at first this may seem like a for of symbiosis, but the human soon find out that the spirit usually does things that are morally unacceptable.the human may end up in a constant state of remorse. also in this category are vampires changed by visitation or a ghostly vampire.


"Viral" Vampires:

Have the most reason to call themselves vampires. A virus causes the chance to take place.The virus passes through blood, sexual secretions, and occasionally saliva. The transmission is usually deliberate and ritualistic. Some people die in the process of transition from human to vampire. It is unknown if it is an actual virus or if the effects are psychosomatic based on the archetype of the American Vampire. The effects and changes associated with "Viral" Vampires is real. The fledgling commonly experiences a near-death-experience at some point, sometimes. Effects of the change include photosensitivity, increased night vision, anemia, dual-personality (one normal personality and another that takes over when the vampire looses it's temper), a blood fetish, a craving for rare red meat, and if the person had any psychic ability, this is increased seemingly unrelated to the change into a vampire.Sex drive is first decreased then increased beyond intensity before their change. Vampires describe the sensation as like that of being on LSD during a mild trip. The sensuality of a vampire is appearant.Some vampires notice a change in muscle
movement. It is more direct, smooth, rapid, and efficient. Most vampires of this variety notice they age slowly. Depending on the strain of the virus, all of these changes are present to differing degrees.

Vampires By Birth:

The largest category of vampires. Differs very little from "Viral" vampires, except they were born that way. Can usually trace their ancestors although not always in a direct line. Vampirism may be genetic and a recessive gene. Birth vampires are often indignant to "viral" vampires. usually don't know what they are. They show signs of what they are during puberty and more than likely don't know who to talk to about it. Having parents and grandparents with the trait makes it easier for them. Many vampires by birth are somewhat indignant towards those of the viral variety, kind of like a king from an ancient hounded would be towards a king at the start of a royal line.

Immortal Vampires:

Immortal vampires are elusive. Immortals are possibly extremely powerful strain of "Viral" Vampires.

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