Within the last quarter of Web Design, I was assigned to build a website in Dreamweaver including a Flash,with the subject of my choosing using the skills I had learned. Before being assigned this common task, we as a class had gone through the textbook learning about HTML and Dreamweaver. I was given exercises throughout the learning process that forced me to use my new knowledge immediately after I learned it. I was tested on the information and had to create a blueprint for the website before I even began designing. I decided to make my website on Narragansett High School's very own Mercury Made the Hatter. The most challenging aspect of the common task was that I was absent for a multitude of days, including the days when we were taught Flash, therefore causing me to fall behind. To try and get back on track, I downloaded the programs onto my computer at home and began watching tutorials on Flash to finish. The easiest aspect of this common task was actually creating the website and designing it accordingly. When building the website there was a lot of repetitive aspects to it, for example linking pictures to their corresponding website, that were time consuming but very simple. Through this task I communicated effectively using a technological format simply because I was working on a computer for the entirety of the project (1.1). Communicating effectively with the technology I was using means to create a working website that a wide range of people can visit and understand. This task has also changed me, in that I'm considering possibly going into the computer field as a career. I have been considering it for quite a while, but designing this website has really shown me how much I do enjoy this type of work.
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