What the Guitar Has Done for Music
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Imagine. What would your favorite music be like today with out the guitar? Rock, blues, raggae, hip hop, and rap would all not exist. Or at least it wouldnt be anywhere near the same. No other insturment sounds the same and can compare to the guitar. Most of the music we hear today has a guitar in it, or at least a bass guitar. The first blues guitarist are who inspired the sound of rock and hip hop/rap that we hear today. Since then guitars have been flooding the scene in almost every genre in today's music. It all started with the original inovators like T-bone Walker, Muddy Waters , and BB king, who gave guitar its distinct sound. Thier legacy was carried on by Bill Haley and Chuck Berry, into the 60's and 70's when people like Jimi hendrix, Eric Clapton, and George Harrison made guitar what it is today.
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