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I had to make a website with Macromedia Dreamweaver. Something I learned about the content was how to better use Dreamweaver. I also relearned how to use flash, which I had not used since sixth grade. To learn the content, the first thing I did was chose a topic. Then I made the navigation structure in Microsoft Word. Then I made the website. This process helped me learn, because I learned more about using Dreamweaver as I made the website. The easiest part was defining the site, because I knew ecactly what to do.The hardest part was getting the formatting to be consistant. I had to make a stylesheet in code and copy the link to all the webpages. This task helped me meet academic standard 1.1, because I had to communicate effectively in a written format when I designed my website. It also helped me meet standard 1.4, because I had to use problem solving skills to figure out how to do things in Dreamweaver that I had not done before. The completion of this task was very helpful in my development as both a student and an individual. It helped me as a student, because it gave me a chance to make a website without being told acactly what to do. It helped me as an individual, because I made something public about something I made up.

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