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Born 30th October 1983 in Guildford, England, Lara McAllen has always had a burning passion since she was young to go forth and become a singer. However, at age two she was diagnosed with CHD, a disorder where the joints of the hip aren't completely in place. The young girl had to go through treatment and it was advised that she consider taking up ballet to strengthen her muscles.

Later on, at age 5, Lara entered dance classes and began to accelerate to success as she passed with flying colors. As she got older, her mother and family took her around to enter competitions for song and dance as she began to build her skills up to flying levels. Soon Lara entered the modeling world briefly before getting an opportunity. At the age of 19 she was given the wonderful chance to be accepted into becoming one of Shakria's back up dancers. Slowly she began to become a back up vocalist.

As this happened, the talent guys from the Ministry of Sound spotted her and offered her to join a group called Angel City. At age 20, she signed her first contract with Ministry of Sound. From there she was featured as the guest vocalist as they came out with their first single hit, Love Me Right, which sky rocketed to the UK Top 10 and hit the US Dance lists. Later, she and Angel City came out with the following singles “Touch Me”, “Do You Know”, and “Sunrise” which hit the top lists as well.

She later joined the group as their lead vocalist for their first and only album Love Me Right which contained the hit songs “Love Me Right”, “Touch Me”, “Do You Know”, and “Sunrise”. During her time with Angel City her talents lead her to present for various Sky Channels on programs such as ‘FYC’ as well as being featured on the TV shows ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’, ‘CD:UK’, ‘Des and Mel’, and she was able to perform her debut single “Love Me Right” on ‘Top of the Pops’.

Soon after 2005 when the album came out she left completely to pursue a solo career. Having said that she was happier away from the performance side, Lara went off to write and produce her latest single “24/7” with Angel City which was released in early 2008. Since then she has been off working with ActvieMusic Management (Active MM) to become a full writer and producer. She currently is working with Karen Gibbs to build songs for other artists as well as fronting some of her own work. Newly released songs of 2008 which are written by Lara and were due for single release, have been on the Clubland albums as of her signing with All Around the World.

Over the course of her blooming career, she has performed at several Charities and is a very passionate giving person. During her time with Angel City she would respond to her fans on their forum and has said that she would enjoy reading posts from fans after having a really rough time on tour coming back late at nights. Lara is not your typical idea of a star compared to Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan. Though voted the sexiest Euro-Dance Music Artist all over the World by internet users and appeared in many magazines, she is a highly kind hearted and caring person. Lara MC works hard to sing to her best abilities and has overcome many obstacles to which most of us would probably quit and hang up before even getting the mic.

All and all, Lara is a singer/songwriter, chart vocalist, and vocal producer but is also a hard working woman who sings with her heart and is fulfilling her dream as an awesome singer, which says that she works to her best abilities and more to do her job as she sings with her complete soul.

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