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As of currently Lara is off working with Active Music Management (Active MM) constantly creating new songs, some of which she is fronting herself as well as for other artists. Having moved from Ministry of Sound to All Around the World, she is currently being developed as a writer. She appeared on the Clubland Tour and traveled around all over Europe and even went all the way to Russia where the fans went crazy.

She had spent the majority of ‘07 touring around fronting her works and even toured around in early March of ‘08. As of ‘08 she was working with her writing partner Karen Gibbs to create and release her newest singles, some of which have already been released on the Clubland albums such as “A Girl Like Me” and “Heartbeat”. In May she was scheduled to go down to Los Angeles to do the video for “May to December”.

However as of now she is currently silent, working on her newest and latest works.


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