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In this assignment we were asssigned the task of creating a website. Our instructions were simple, create a website with any appropriate topic that contains a muiltilayer Flash. For my assignment, I chose to create a website on my favorite singer/song writer, Lara McAllen. In order for me to complete this project, I had to use the skills I had learned in class as well as ask for help from my awesome Web Design teacher Mr. Herz. Using the skills I learned from the Dreamweaver Chapters and assignments previous to this common task, we worked on notepad in the beginning of the year to help us better understand the basic mechanics of a website. From there, we did chapters from the Macromedia Dreamweaver book to help us learn how to use Dreamweaver. By doing to tasks from the book and answering the end of the chapter review questions, I was able to get a better grasp on how to use Dreamweaver. As for Flash, Mr. Herz taught us in class sessions how to use basic elements of Flash (such as: moving an object and changing it's size and shape). From there I was able to utilize these skills for my project. The most challenging aspect of this whole project was dealing with the time constraint. Making the background and just the basic set up of the site was easy for me as well as just adding the fancy designs for the site. Most of this site was really easy but just exteremely time consuming as I had to stay after and come during advisory times to complete it. The standards that were met for this assignment were 1.1 (academic), 1.4 (academic), 2.1 (social), 1.2 (technology), 2.2 (technology), and 5.1 (technology). I was able to meet these standards because I was able to create a websirte indepentendly using technology and the basic skills that were learned from class teachings as well as being able to analyze and evalute from different sources. The completion of this assignment for me is extremely fufilling becuase I know now that I have the abilties and skill sets to just complete a basic website which will allow me to possibly help out my mom to create a website for dojo OKS-USA Martial Arts. However, the real reason I did this website to begin with was to better educate everyone and to teach them about a woman who has completed a lot of acomplishments throughout her life and she's currently now only 25 years-old. It was this reason and the fact that I wanted people to know about someone from the Dance/Electronica genre besides Cascada. All and all, I feel pretty happy that I was able to complete this and hope that people will get past somethings and learn something from this website.


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