For my common task in web design I had to make my own website. I choose to do mine on my cousins landscape business (High Veiw Landscape). Doing this project helped me learn how to effectivley use Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, and read html. First we had to choose a topic. Then we had to use Dreamweaver to make our website. The most challenging part of this common task was using and creating my flash because using Flash is hard. The easiest part was doing the work sited page for all my picture becasue it was simply copying and pasting links. Doing this task helped me complete standard 1.1 by communicating through writing and technology. I also achieved 1.4 by using all of the tools and stuff in Dreamweaver, understanding html, and having my website run in a web browser. I also met 2.2 by completeing the task independently. I also met 1.2 by reaching proficentcy in this task. Also I met standard 2.2 by always leaving my work area cleaning and respecting the teacher, fellow students, and computers. Last, I met standard 5.1 by using many different sources to complete my task. This project taught me to better understand html and Dreamweaver, which will help me in futer computer classes. It helped me as an individual because I want a career in web design.