Players and about each position
(this is an example of each position in a game that is 11 v. 11)

There are eleven players that play on the field on each team at one time, including the goalie. No players are allowed to wear any type of jewelry while playing and their shirts must be tucked in. Every player must be wearing the approiate shin guards and cleats.

Goal keeper: The job of the goal keeper is to keep the ball out of the goal their team is defending. The goal keeper, also known as the goalie, or "keep," is the only person on the field allowed to use their hands. The goal keeper wears a different color shirt from their team and the opposing team.

Sweeper: If there is a sweeper they are the last defender on the field, not counting the goalie. Their position is in between the defensive line and the goalie, making the bottom of the diamond shape.

Stopper: If there is a stopper their position is in between the mid-field line and the defensive line. The stopper makes the top of the defensive diamond. They usually "mark" the other teams center mid-fielder or center forward.

Right/Left Full Back: The full backs are positioned in between the sweeper and stopper. The two defensive backs make the outside of the diamond shape. Their jobs are to "mark" the other teams forwards.

Center Midfielder: The center-midfielder roams all over the field and does the most running of anyone on the team in a game. They are in charge of transitioning the ball from one side of the field to the next. The center midfielder covers the opposing center midfielder.

Right/ Left Midfielders: The right and left midfielders are offensive and defensive players. They are incharge of transitioning the ball to the offense and defense at any time. They mark the other right or left midfielders on the opposing team. The midfielders are able to score goals, but most of the time they are the ones who pass the ball to the players on forward to score the goals.

Forward: The main job of the forward is to score the goals. The forward most of the time stays on the opposite side of the field than they are defending. The forward is not in charge of marking anyone, but instead gets marked by the opposing outside backs.

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