Our assignment that we were assigned was to create a web site with information about a topic that we are interested in, and the web site needed to include a flash. By completing the assignment I learned how to design a completed web site and the tasks that go along with it. By finishing the task, it was a big accomplishment because I have never done a web site before. The process that was used to learn this content was that most of the classes before we started the web site, was based on how to do certain tasks to make it look better. Also, while we were in the process of making the site, we had a couple of classes devoted to learning how to make a flash to put on our web sites. The most challenging aspect of this task was making the flash itself. This was the most challenging aspect because for some of the tasks that we were assigned during class, for the flash, it was harder for me to complete. The least challenging aspect of this task was the web site in all. I thought that this was the least challenging aspect because I really enjoyed making it. I learned new information myself while trying to inform new people about soccer. The completion of this task helped me to meet standards 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 2.1, 2.2, and 5.1. Standard 1.1 relates to me communicating my information into my web site using technological formats. Standard 1.2 relates to reaching proficiency using computers. Standard 1.4 relates to demonstrating the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information, using the information that I know and using it for the web site. Standard 2.1 relates to demonstrating the skills for independence and collaboration while making the web site. Standard 2.2 relates to practicing the responsibility of the use of technology systems, information, and software. Last, standard 5.1 relates to using the computer to look up information from a variety of sources, and using it for our web site. The completion of this helped me to develop as a student by me learning how to work individually with using computers, because I don't work well with computers all of the time. The completion of this task helped me to develop as an individual because it showed me that I don't need to rely on a teacher for every step that I go through.
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