Basics of Soccer
In a normal game of soccer, there are 22 players on the field at once, 11 players for each team which includes every position, even the goalie. The positons that are used during the game is, goal keeper, sweeper, stopper, right and left full backs (defenders), center midfielders, right and left midfielders, and the forwards. Soccer can be an extremly fun and lively sport, if you follow the Rules and Regulations. If you don't break the rules and you don't give the coaches or referees a hard time you could have the time of your life and get a great workout at the same time. Who doesn't enjoy getting fit and having fun all at once. If you want to learn some small Facts about soccer and some of its history click "facts". When a real game of soccer is being played, you are NOT allowed to wear any sort of jewelry at all, besides if you are wearing a hair elactic to keep your hair up. Some referees are extremly strict about the rules, that if you are wearing a bracelet that you cannot take off and can only be cut off, they will say "Cut it off, or you don't play, it's your choice." As you can see, there a lot of conditions to the game of soccer, but if you follow the rules, staty in your position, and know what is going on in the game, you will have a blast!
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