Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristaino Ronaldo's first team was a youth team named Andorinha where his skills attracted several professional scouts from the local Madeira teams. He was 10 years old when taken to CD National's youth team. Cristiano Ronaldo's skills quickly brought the attention of first squad manager Ladislau Boloni, who took him to the senior team when we was only 17 years old. Cristiano Ronaldo was in his first game against Madeira, and scored two goals and impressing the audience at the same time. But most importantly, he impressed the staff of the Under 17 Portuguese national team, and they quickly added him to their team. In the same year, the U-17 championship was taking place. With Cristiano Ronaldo being one of the tournament's best players, he brought the attention of several well known European clubs, of which Liverpool and Manchester United. It wasn't until 2003 that he truly came to the attention of Manchester United's coach, Sir Alex Ferguson. After David Beckham left from Manchester United in 2003 the coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, was looking for a replacement on the right wing. After seeing Cristiano Ronaldo's goals and skills in several previous games, Sir Alex Ferguson decided that Ronaldo was the best person for this spot. Cristiano Ronaldo was signed on a fee of approximately 16 million euros. Ronaldo is now a very well-known soccer player around the world.
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