About each line on the field

Goal Area Line:: The Goal Area line is the smaller line that is infront of the goal that is a small rectangle. It is also referred to as the 6 yard line.
Goal Line:
The Goal Line is the line that shows the width of the field. If and when the ball goes over this line during a game, it means that the ball is out of bounds, and depending on which team kicked it over the line will tell whether it is a corner kick or a goal kick.
Touch Line:
The Touch Line is the line that shows the length of the field and the may be referred to as the side lines. If and when the ball goes over the side line, and out of the field, it is out of bounds and one team will do a throw in. To determine a throw in, one team has kicked the ball over the touch line, and the opposite team will throw the ball into play.
Penalty Area Line:
You may have heard the Penalty Area Line called the 18 yard line. This is the "box" that is outside of the Goal Area. When the goalie recieves the ball, he or she is allowed to go up to this line and punt the ball up the field.
Corner Arc:
The corner arc can also just be called a "corner". What happens with the corner arc, is when a one of the people on the team kicks the ball over the goal line on the side that they are defending, and the opposite team gets to kick the ball into play and possibly get a goal.
Center Circle:
The center circle is 20 yards and is the circle that surrounds the kickoff mark.
Halfway Line:
The Halfway Line is the center line that divides the two halfs that each team defends.
Kickoff Mark:
The Kickoff Mark is the dead center of the field. The Kickoff Mark is used to start that game or when one team gets a goal the teams "reset".
Penalty Mark:
The Penalty Mark is the circle that is in the Penalty Area. This mark is not used very much in the game, sometimes it's not even used at all. This mark is used when there is a penalty in the penalty area and the team defending the opposite side of the field gets to kick it on this mark, with just the goalie in goal and no one else in the box.
Penalty Area:
The penalty mark is also referred to as the 18-yard box. It is a rectangle 44 yards wide and 18 yards long, and is centered at each end of the field.
Goal Area:
The goal area is smaller rectangle within the penalty area. It is 20 yards wide and 6 yards long. It is also referred to as the 6 yard box.

Each of these lines and ares are on both sides of the field. This is excluding the half way line, the center circle, and the kickoff mark. This is because these three marks and lines are in the center of the field and are shared by both halfs.
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