Penalties and Cards
A yellow card indicates a caution to a player who has committed certain types of misconduct which isn't considered as serious as being sent-off. Sent-off means that you are "sent-off" the field and you are either given a penalty for a certain amount of time that you can't play in the game, or you are sent out of the game for the ramaining time. A second yellow card in a match leads to a red card and results in send-off automatically, and you are not allowed to play for the rest of the game, along with the next game. When you are given a yellow card by a refree, it is your warning, and if you are warned again, it leads to a red card. When a player has received a a red card, this means that they are no longer allowed to play in the game, and they cannot be replaced until there is a throw-in or some sort of kick.
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