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Zim: Zim is an Irken Invader and was a member of the Irken Armada. He was involved in "Operation Impending Doom" and he destoryed his own planet so he was then banished. He returned during the "Great Assigning" and was sent to an unknown planet on a secret mission. He constantly attempts to bring doom to the planet using his unique ways.
GIR: GIR is a broken SIR (Standard Information Retrieval) Unit who was made out of garbage. He was given to Zim because Zim wanted a SIR unit but he was tricked into recieving a malfuntioning SIR. GIR is his sidekick and is in nearly every episode.
Dib: Dib is a crazy radical science boy who is Zim's arch nemesis. He coninually foils Zim's plans but when he attemts to convince people that Zim is an alien they all call him crazy.
Gaz: Gaz is Dib's sister. She enjoys video games and is playing almost every time you see her in the show. She doesn't play a very large part but she does say some humorous lines because she is constantly angry at her brother.
MiniMoose: MiniMoose is Zim's sidekick. Although he has only appeared in one episode (The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever) he was planned to be a major character in the series but it was cancelled. MiniMoose is a small moose who floats around making random squeaking noises.
Professor Membrane: He is Dib's father and he is also a mad scientist. He makes many crazy inventions and has a vendetta against Santa (he didn't get what he wanted for christmas).
The Almighty Tallest: Named Red and Purple, these two are the leaders of the Irken Armada solely based on their abnormal height. The send all of the Irken's to separate planets to conquer.
Miss Bitters: Zim and Dib's teacher who hates the children and life in general. Also, she always rambles on about unrelated topics. She has a snake-like figure and from time to time she slithers like a snake.
Tak: Tak is an Irken Invader who tries to replace Zim and conquer Earth herself. She has both a Irken form (Right) and her human disguise (Left). Her SIR unit's name is MiMi and is disguised as a cat. Tak was meant to be a reoccuring protagonist but only appeared in one episode before the show was canceled.

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