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Jhonen Vasquez






Johan Vasquez is the Creator of Invader Zim and Many other cynical Cartoons. He is a comic Book Maker and a cartoonist living in Los Angeles. He started to draw in high school and his drawings all developed into different cartoon series. All of his cartoons are dark and depressing and gothic.
Other Works
Johnny the Homocidal Maniac (JTHM): A black and white gothic comic strip. The main character, Johnny C., elaborately murders anyone who irritates him and drains their blood to paint a wall beneath his house. He believes this will prevent the monster from escaping. This comic centers around his murders and his encounters with the other characters.
Squee!: Squee is about a young boy named Todd Casil (aka. Squee) who is a quiet, bullied boy. He has to mature quickly and he likes writing. He is mentally insane and his only friend is Johnny (From Johnny the Homocidal Maniac) who he sees as a big brother. The comic centers around his experiences in his miserable life.
Filler Bunny: Filler Bunny is a small pink bunny who is genetically modified to be unceasingly entertaining. He is put through numerous painful and sadistic experiments for others enjoyment. If he ever dies he is revived and his only two wishes are to die and to have something to be happy about.
I Feel Sick: It is a full color comic strip which is based around Devi D. who was "The Girl Who Survived" in JTHM. She is being attacked by the forces that drove Johnny insane and she has to deal with fighting them off and this comic describes her experiences.
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