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Show Beginning-Invader Zim began in 2001, when the children's network, Nickelodeon approached Jhonen Vasquez and asked him to make a television show. Most of his writing and dark humor stayed the same although he had to censor his language to allow it to be shown on television. It had aired with 47 episodes and it had 17 unfinished episodes which were cancelled when the show ended.


Season 1: The first episode of "Invader Zim" was a double lenght episode titled "The Nightmare Begins". In this episode Zim and GIR get sent to earth and most of the main characters get established. The episodes following these lacked a continuing storyline and most consisted of Zim and GIR attempting to take over earth ("A Room with a Moose" and "Hamstergeddon") or Zim and GIR attempting to disguise themselves and blend in with the humans ("Dark Harvest"). Their were also episodes with completely unrelated plots ("The Wettening" and "Game Slave 2"). Some of the specials worth of note are "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom" (Zim and Dib get sent into a parralel universe where everything is evil and have to make a portal to get back to earth) and "Tak the Hideous New Girl" where Tak comes to take over Zim's position but her plan gets foiled by Zim and GIR).

Season 2: Season Two starts with "The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever" where Zim, GIR and MiniMoose all impersonate Santa and his helpers and they attempt to kidnap Santa but Dib and Proffesor Membrane try to stop him. The Santa suit starts to turn Zim into the real Santa so when Dib destroys it he also saves Zim. This Season only has 10 episodes because it was cancelled halfway through production. Other episodes worthy of note are "Gaz the Taster of Pork" where Gaz can only taste pork no matter what she eats. This is one of the few Invader Zim Episodes that does not contain GIR or Zim. The remainder of the follow the same format as the previous season with Zim attempting to conquer earth ("The Voting of the Doomed") or Dib attempting to show the rest of the humans that Zim is an alien ("Zim Eats Waffles").


Show Ending-Invader Zim was cancelled in 2002 due to low ratings, over budgeting and lack of interest in the series. Many of the story lines remained unfinished and the show could not be properly completed.
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