Ballet, being the most technical of all the types, is also known as the foundation of all other types of dance. It is said that if you take ballet, you can for the most part pick up any other type of dance because the techniques of ballet are carried through to all of the other types of dance. There is also another type of ballet called pointe, which requires a special pair of shoes like the one shown above.

Pointe: When using pointe shoes there are certain things that you need to kepp in mind.

1. Make sure to have strong ankles before going on pointe because you can seriously damage your feet

2. Be aware that bunyons can often result from the use of pointe shoes.

3. Make sure when getting fitted for shoes, you try on as many pairs as possible so that you find that perfect fit for your feet.

4. Making sure that you are on top of your box (which is the tip of the shoe) is imporant because if you aren't you can do major damage to your feet. So, breaking in your shoes is important.

Some famous ballets you may know of are The Nutcracker and Swan Lake.  
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