Mia Michaels is one of the most well known contmporary choreographers and dancers in the world.From being a main choreographer for the hit reality show, So You Think You Can Dance, to being a teacher in conventions such as PULSE in New York City, she's done it all.

This is a picture of Lacey and Neil, who were two contestant in So You Think You Can Dance Season 3. They are performing one of Mia Michaels pieces called "Time". Her inspiration for this piece was the idea of meeting her father someday in heaven.

Contemporary dance is a somewhat newer form of dance that doesn't have the rules the other the other forms of dance do. Like hip hop is it mosly up to personal preference. This type of dance helps an artist to really express themselves because there are not any rules to it. As in ballet, there are positions you must use and certain things you must do for all of your moves. In contemporary anything goes. To be able to see different peoples interperatitions of a song makes this form of dance extremely interesting to watch and even more interesting to perform.
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